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Idea Creation is involved in a diverse range of consulting projects in New Zealand and overseas in the following areas;  
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Advisory and evaluation     
  • Organisational capability and strategic planning workshops    
  • Executive coaching and supervision               
We provide boutique customised solutions - every consulting project is unique and designed around our clients context and needs - we offer no 'out-of-the-box' solutions.  Our goal is to work alongside organisations in order to create ideas and solutions that enhance impact, influence and performance.  The frameworks we use are cutting edge, practical and research based including complexity and systems thinking, appreciative inquiry, experiential learning and action research.   Our delivery mode is highly interactive, engaging and thoroughly embedded in the context of the leaders participating allowing them to immediately apply and adopt their learning into their own leadership.

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Some examples of our recent and current consulting projects are profiled below;

Leadership development programmes   

LInC (Leadership in Communities) Project 

Consulting scope: 
The LinC Project (Leadership in Communities) is designed specifically to support and enhance local leadership and recognised change agents drawn from the voluntary, NGO and also central and local government sectors across Greater Christchurch . 

Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) 2012, 2013
Consulting scope: Extensive needs analysis of Canterbury Health leadership needs in relation to their guiding document - Vision 2020.   The process involved interviewing a wide range of key leaders in the organisation and resulted in a detailed proposal outlining the key objectives and design of a "Health Leadership Lab".  This programme would involve a wide range of leaders across the Canterbury Health System working together in a personalised learning programme.  This programme includes cutting edge leadership content (systems thinking, complexity processes, Appreciative Inquiry etc) and involves participants selecting from a range of learning processes including action learning groups, leadership 360 and coaching, peer prototyping and specialist leadership input.  

Christchurch International Airport Limited 2013

Consulting scope: Design of 9 month leadership development programme for senior leaders (20).  Implementation is planned for second half of 2013.  

Genesis Education Group (CHINA) 2013

Consulting scope: Keynote addresses at the National HR forum in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou focussed on "Leadership Development through Experiential Learning" - (see presentations section).  

"Leading Change for the Future" leadership programme (2013)

Consulting scope: Co-design and delivery of 2 day leadership workshop with Dr Cheryl Doig from Think Beyond Ltd.  Participants include leaders from across the sectors of business, government, health, education, and the social services.    

African International Schools Association (AISA) 2012, 2013
Consulting scope: Co-facilitating a leadership retreat in Johannesburg for 120 principals and other senior leadership from around Africa.  

"Chris is a highly professional facilitator and leadership expert. His diverse background ensures that he can connect with people from many different sectors with ease.  Chris always delivers what he says he will with efficiency, effectiveness and humour.  His knowledge of systems thinking and complexity approaches adds real depth to his work. I recommend Chris to provide in depth support and ideas to help your organisation move forward."

East Asian Regional Council of International Schools (EARCOS) 2009, 2012, 2013
Consulting scope: Facilitator of 5 leadership workshops at East Asia Regional Council of International Schools Leadership Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Singapore Ministry of Education / ASCD - (Singapore) 2006 - 2013

Consulting scope: Educational innovation workshops in Singapore and New Zealand for educational leaders -  "Leading Change from the middle" 

"Enormous relevance to our work, it has challenged me to keep 
thinking about what we deliver and how we do it"

Tertiary University leaders from JiangXi province (China) 2012

Consulting Scope: Leadership training and facilitation for groups of education professionals, professors and consultants on a study tour to New Zealand with the University of Canterbury.  

New Zealand Army Leadership Centre 2008 - 2010
Consulting Scope: Leadership consulting - facilitation and design of leadership learning protocols to train NZ Army staff to facilitate the NZ Army Leadership framework with every member of the NZ Army across each rank level.  

"The integration of cutting edge principles, contemporary leadership theories, experiential learning practices, ongoing development plans and action learning sets provides us with a framework that is; without doubt, second to none in any modern western army and I believe yet to be rivalled by any contemporary leadership development programme in New Zealand"

Canterbury NGO Leadership Forum - (LYNGO) 2008 - 2011

Consulting Scope: This project involved the formation and facilitation of a professional learning community comprised initially of 25 managers and chief executive officers of youth focussed non-government organisations in Canterbury.   This project was my PhD (Management) project and as such the processes and findings are written up in journal papers in the publications and presentations section of this Blog.   

New Zealand Airforce (NZAF) 2009 - 2011
Consulting Scope: This project involved training high level leaders at both the Woodbourne (Blenheim) and Whenua Pai (Auckland) airforce bases in the areas of leading change, design and facilitation of professional development workshops, and mentoring.  

"Excellent results, content and delivery.  Very responsive to our needs and flexible to adjust the programme to cater for shifting focus or areas that generated extra interest and discussion" 

Auckland District Health Board - Youth Transitional Programme 2007 
Consulting Scope: Staff development workshops and ongoing consulting with this organisation working with young people with severe mental health issues.  

"Since we started introducing the experiential learning model and integrating learning into our programme there has been a noticeable change in engagement of young people in the group process.   There has been a clearer ability to integrate the use of sound mental health therapeutic models within the experiential learning process, so there is a huge potential impact for the young people"

Outward Bound New Zealand 2008 - 2011

Consulting Scope: Staff development workshops and ongoing consulting with Outward Bound management and staff focussed on the re-configuring of their Mind, Body and Soul course that caters for 16-17 year old young people.  
"The training provided was of the highest standard, it was experiential in approach, informative, providing staff with new perspectives and knowledge.  The training has had a very real and positive impact on our staff team and several key components in the re-development of our Mind, Body and Soul courses." 

Advisory and evaluation     

Strengthening Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) 2012 - 2013
Consulting Scope:  SCIRT is an alliance of 5 major engineering contractors in Christchurch who are responsible for $5 billion worth of below ground infrastructure rebuild over the next 5 years.   Our role was to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of SCIRT's Peak Performance Plan (PPP) and report to the Board on recommendations for the next PPP covering 2013 and 2014.  This also involved an address to all staff entitled "Changing Leadership - SCIRT's legacy"  (see presentation section).

Canterbury Health and Education Forum 2013
Consulting scope: Keynote address relating to collaborative leadership needs across Christchurch entitled "A dynamic of experimentation and innovation" (see presentation section).  

Canterbury District Health Board (CCN) 2012 - present
Consulting Scope: The CDHB and Canterbury Clinical Network is in the process of transformation towards its 2020 vision.  This involves innovation on multiple sites and as such we are involved in 'expert groups' which meet under the Child and Youth initiative on a regular basis and will move onto making recommendations on which initiatives to focus on in 2012.   

Heathcote Valley School 2013

Consulting scope: Design and facilitation of a school community consultation event to co-create the school charter.  

Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu 2007
Consulting Scope: Ngai Tahu is the largest Maori iwi (tribal group) in the South Island and have extensive assets and programmes across many areas of business and social services.  This evaluation involved reviewing the effectiveness of 'Aoraki Bound' - a culturally framed leadership development programme delivered in partnership with Outward Bound. 

Organisational capability and strategic planning   

Christchurch City Mission 2013
Consulting scope: Strategic planning and team development with leadership team "Leading a high performance culture".

Te Ora Hou Otautahi (TOHO) 2009 - present
Consulting Scope: Organisational development, strategic planning, developing staff performance management plan, facilitating the writing of a detailed annual plan.   It has recently been involved in the formation of a attendance/engagement project across Canterbury, Nelson, Malborough and the West Coast. 

Linwood College 2011 - 2012

Consulting Scope: My role initially has through the teachers who were enrolled in Masters paper based in Educational Leadership.  In 2012 this morphed into a senior leadership level role being created at the school with a focus on strategic planning, developing staff performance and enhancing community partnerships.   

Wayne Francis Trust 2008 - present 
Consulting Scope: Wayne Francis Trust is a philanthropic organisation that funds a a wide range of youth health and development organisations around Christchurch.  This project involves being part of an advisory group to the Board and also leading the design of 'Positive Youth Development' - a funding and development framework for funders and professionals across all sectors.  This resource is available in the Presentations and Publications section of this blog.  

Ola Fou Pacific Leadership Development Project 2008 -2012
Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands  
Consulting Scope: Ola Fou is a NZ Aid funded project focussed on leadership and community development across 12 countries in the Pacific and Melanesia.  We are involved in implementing leadership development workshops as part of block courses in various countries each year.  

Executive coaching and supervision               

Ongoing coaching and supervision with a wide range of professionals involved in the education, social services and corporate sectors.  

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