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I came across this Prezi last month as part of some development work I was undertaking......I have shared it here for two reasons.....
....I love the interactive format in which it gives us an overview of this "HOW Design Live 2013" innovation event in San Francisco in June 2013.  Craig Bieri has used a simple but powerfully visual prezi format to showcase a range of people at this event that he connected with.  If you haven't come across prezi have a look at  Its free and has a whole bunch of inbuilt design templates that really change the way we can communicate and interact with others.

.... I also enjoyed a few of the presentations themselves - you might like to check out;

  • Danny Gregory - "How your sketch book can open your mind, boost creativity and rock your world
  • Austin Kleon - "Steal like an artist" 
Austin's presentation talks about the value of exposing ourselves to all sorts of inspiration, then making it our own, making it better and then sharing it with others.... I completely agree and thrive on working alongside colleagues (both in person and virtual) to create new mash ups of existing frameworks and techniques... the concept of shared IP and collective contribution is the name of the game these days!


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