Talent magnets

Talent Magnets is a white paper co-authored by Simon Breakspear - an Australian thought leader and influential consultant.    This paper is focussed on building and retaining talent within the education profession (could equally be other professions too) by building inspiring workplace cultures.   He believes that there are 4 steps to better cultures; 
  • Adopt LEADERSHIP mindsets
  • Understand talent's EXPECTATIONS
  • Build attractive and sustainable CULTURES
  • Develop a compelling BRAND
The paper is brimming full of inspirational ideas, in particular - Simon suggests that "talent" have the following expectations which act as motivators beyond simply financial rewards; 
  • To be valued
  • To grow 
  • To express
  • To collaborate 
  • To contribute
  • To innovate
Download "Talent Magnets"

I have worked with Simon on a number of occasions, he has some fantastic material and a compelling communication style.....here's one of his many powerpoints on Slideshare.

You can also see Simon on video at Core Education's "Edtalks" site - a site with a rich range of leadership material. 

Edtalks video - Simon Breakspear "Edupreneurship"


  1. Talent magnet provides great platform to learn skills and building and retaining talent within the education profession.Thanks for providing such opportunities to our youth


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