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I attended ICOT 2013 (International Conference on Thinking) last week in Wellington and the highlight was a presentation on 'Humanising Wisdom' from a colleague named DK.  Its well worth a listen - the full video is at the following link; 

DK's session explored wisdom which he believes is the 'positive application of knowledge'.   In particular he related his thinking to organisations where he said that often "wisdom doesn't get a chance to breath"....  We discussed organisational culture and the way that organisations can in fact be "de-humanising' - usually not intentionally but we can probably all relate to places that literally suck the humanity out by treating people as numbers rather than humans.   

Reminds me of the Anand Pillai, CEO of a large organisation whose mantra is "employee first - customer second"....probably not what you'd use in an advertising campaign but imagine the impact on staff in his organisation and then the following impact on customers when staff are engaged and vibrant!  Scott Peck (the author of the Road Less Travelled) wrote in another book of his called 'A Different Drum' that "a healthy organisation is one in which all participants have a voice."

DK passed on a great quote that sums it up...."culture eats strategy for lunch" (Peter Drucker) - how crucial it is that leaders consciously foster organisational culture to grow in positive, humanising ways, to ensure that company values are actually lived and breathed internally.    Otherwise the default culture that will always grow in groups of people whether it is guided or not, will certainly overwhelm any organisational strategy.

DK shared a couple of great case studies - the first from Zappos - a company that makes shoes.....have a look at their core values...."here's an organisation with a wise heart"


The second organisation is from KLM airlines - have a look at this YouTube video.  I loved the quote "better to create a smile on someone's face than just add a smiley face...." and although the video is clearly also about a clever marketing campaign using social media - it does show how by making a small conscious effort we can really change the experience of those involved in our organisation - to be treated as a human!

A couple more quotes from DK's presentation to wrap this up...
" we have to give ourselves permission to be human again...."
"...cultivate curiosity...."
" do we activate the collective knowledge in our organisations?..."
"...reconnect- give people an opportunity to play...''


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