Inspirational leaders in African international schools

In October we had the opportunity to implement two 1 day leadership retreats in Johannesburg with principals from international schools around Africa.   I worked with Dr Cheryl Doig of ThinkBeyond in Christchurch, New Zealand.   Our retreat was entitled "Leading Change: Innovation for the future"  

We also presented a keynote address entitled "To all the eduprenuers"

Another real highlight was to spend a day exploring Soweto - so different than we expected with immense housing development that has occurred by the Government in recent years.   It was sobering to consider the history that occurred in the places that we were walking - especially to visit the church of Regina Mundi - known locally as "The Queen of the World".  This church played a central place in the struggle for equality - it became a gathering place and sanctuary for many people  and it still bears the bullet scars to prove it.  Have a read of the story at the following site;    

Church of Regina Mundi

Cheryl and I have been invited to design and deliver another series of leadership retreats at AISA Leadership retreat in Accra - Ghana.  We are also offering 2 day workshops on "Leading Change for the future' in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland in 2013 - these will publicised shortly through this site and also at Cheryl's site below.  I've provided I link to an interview from one of the participants on the workshop who leads a network of schools in Nigeria.


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