Daniel Pink - "Drive: motivating change"

I was first made aware of Daniel Pink in 2006 when he wrote the book...."A whole new mind" in which he describes how right brain aptitudes when combined with left brain thinking can lead to a whole new mind...... in fact he suggests that 'right brainers' will rule the future as they are wired for 21st century success....  Such people have a 'different kind of mind' include artists, inventors, story-tellers; creative and holistic right brain thinkers.....

This animated video does a fantastic job of exploring the ideas in Pink's second book; "Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us". It's key message is that contrary to popular belief; motivation and engagement are not created through external reward, but rather fostered by leveraging internal passions and curiosity.  Pink suggests that the three key internal motivators are Autonomy,  Mastery and Pupose. However he goes further to assert that external rewards actually decrease internal motivation in the medium to long term and are therefore detrimental to performance and achievement of potential.   Experienced educators have always known this intuitively and work to ignite the intrinsic motivation of those they educate.  Simon Breakspear in his white paper; 'Talent Magnets' suggests they there is one thing more motivating than empowerment and ownership....authorship!

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