Saturday, 11 February 2012

Leaders create micro-community...

When working with a team I am leading... perhaps sitting down together for a few hours of serious work....I have found it crucial to pause at the beginning and check in with each person as to how they are doing, what space they are in, whats top of mind for them.  For some this may be; "I feel energised and ready to get really proactive on this project with you all...", another may be; "Honestly, Im tired, and got a fair few concerns racing around my mind this morning.....".   As we all have a minute or two to ground ourselves and listen to our colleagues I often get this sense of calm and unity.....colleagues authentically interested in each other. Perhaps strangely, I have also found that for those who have shared that they are bit below par today, this process actually lifts them significantly and prepares them for the collective time ahead.    In the world of Maori culture this process is known as whanaungatanga - the making of family (whanau) always takes little of our precious time and as such its tempting to skip this process.....but again and again I have experienced if we do take time to connect that we as a team are far more in tune, on the same page and hence the rest of our team planning together is both more productive and more importantly...fulfulling...

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