To think what nobody else yet has about that which everyone sees....

“Thus the task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody else yet has thought about that which everyone sees” - Schopenhauer in Margaret Wheatley, The New Science

I was walking through Sydney airport late last year and saw the following quote on the wall;

"Holland exports more soy sauce than Japan – the future belongs to those who see potential."

It made me think how so often we limit our vision for our organisations, and the people around us to incremental changes, small fine tuning improvements, slight adjustments.   Even our view of our own potential is often encased in a glass box, an artificial ceiling where we limit ourselves to our belief of who we are and what we could be.....  How refreshing it is to be occasionally provoked into thinking....what way...just maybe..... For me these moments happen when I hear someone talk about something they have been involved in, or even better...when someone says to me....why dont you try your hand at.....  Often thats exactly what I crack that glass open up possibilities....    This fresh thinking is what Schopenhauer is describing, a leaders ability to take an entirely different spin on a situation, to capture the gem of a vision for something out of the box which will entirely transform the current situation.   Hmmm...


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